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APPA 700 Series LCR Meters
Automatic Selection Technology
  APPA 700 Series featured with an innovative automatic selection technology, automatically measuring L,C and R with Q, D and θ (703) by just turn on the meter, ...the first ever smart LCR meter.

The testing frequecny of APPA 701 is up to 10KHz and APPA 703 can output up to 100KHz test frequency. Both of models have an innovative auto ON/OFF backlit feature give you fulltime display visibility and increased battery life.

The USB interface provide the convenience of external DC power supplier and connection to PC for data acquisition. Ergonomically desinged test clip with comfort-grip (701, 703), 4-wires SMD test clip(703) for SMD testing, it also can have Parallel/Serial test mode, Sorting mode for QC and Static recording to facilitate LCR testing with better efficiency.