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  Insulation Testers >> APPA 600 Series Insulation Tester and Multimeter

APPA 600 Series Insulation Tester and Multimeter
Simple, Smart and Powerful
  APPA 605 and 607 are two well designed insulation tester and insulation multimeter, both of them have extra large LCD with 4000 count and 10000 count display.

All designed with innovative auto sensing backlit to extend extra battery life and Low Pass Filter/High Frequency Rejection feature filtering the harmonics of motors and bypass the noisy of electrical equipments. In addition, ergonomically designed remote test probe for repetitive testing without pressing the TEST button on the Tester/Meter for better convenience.

APPA 605 also featured with Automatic calculation of Polarization Index and Dielectric Absorption Ratio, convenient compare (Pass/Fail)function facilitate your daily work with better efficiency.

APPA 607 is a high performance multimeter featured with simple and smart insulation testing funcition.

Both of APPA 605 and 607 can test up to 20GOhm/22GOhm under testing voltage range as 50V,100V,250V,500V and 1000V with CAT. IV 600V safety standard.